Monday, February 6, 2012

Testing alchemical effects

This was a little sketch/illustration I did for the illustrated Skyrimblog "Skueruem", which just started recently and features skyrimfanart of illustrators.
I'm just able to play it sometimes, because I have to play it on my boyfriend's PC, since mine is reeeeeaaally slow. I always thought it's funny that you can eat the ingredients to test their alchemical effects. You can eat toes of trolls, hearts of humans, butterflies... Awesome!

I set up a tumblr-blog for sketches I do while strolling through Hamburg and maybe there will be some sketchbook drawings too... I'm not sure yet.


Mauricio said...

nice work and style, especially your color pieces. cheers from the US!

Maike said...

Thanks a lot! :)

emma brown trithart said...

I really want to see more Skyrim art from folks like you! Can't wait to see more from Skuruem :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Maike said...

I drew Lydia, so that sketch will be up soon. ;D