Friday, May 3, 2013

Ten Paces and Draw Round 2

Okay here is anothe illo for Ten Paces and Draw.
It was actually a fashion swap, but the costume that I got to draw was so unconventional (you will see when you go to the website) that I couldn’t just draw a pretty girl with a lovely dress.

So it became a kind of sea monster who disguises as a coral to catch cute fishes.

It doesn’t fit in the slideshow of the fashion swap though. Sorry! But it was fun again, as always.

Head over to Ten Paces and Draw to see the other participants’ illustrations!

JAZAM cover

Adrian from the german comic anthology Jazam asked me to draw the coverillustration for them and this is it. The topic of this issue is animals and I couldn't resist drawing a fox and some ravens. The book will be released in May 29th this year.

And as a bonus, this is a little illo for the back of the book: