Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Study of an armor

Sometimes I do those studies to see how I can draw certain things in this relatively flat style. Especially metallic things are still hard to do for me. So I did this study of the Kingslayer from a photo from HBO's Game of Thrones. I was not going for likeness, but rather tried out different possibilities to describe shining armor. First I used textured brushes on the front plate, which looks kinda good, but is also a bit too realistic for me.
So I used a differnt approach on the helm... which I like better.


Nick Iluzada said...

i love the breastplate though!

Maike said...

Thanks! Maybe I have to find a way, how I can combine these two styles.I like the upper part with the floral ornaments but not so much the lower part. I guess it's just because it's totally unfinished. ;)

Don Flores said...

love your stuff!