Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fashionsketch 3

I'm attending a fashion illustration class at my university, which is quite good, because we learn about creativity techniques and we have to try out and draw with traditional drawing tools. I did a lot of illustrations completely digital, which sometimes took longer than I wanted it to and I kind of thought that I unlearned to not paint with an Undo-button...;)
In this class I'am not allowed to draw digital, so I was forced to draw with ink and watercolors etc. And surprisingly I liked ink! I did a lot of drawings which I'm not showing here because they're really crappy tests but anyway...
So I tried out ink and it makes the process of drawing so much quicker.


unbemerkt said...

wunderbar, frau plenzke! aber wie!

Amanda said...

Superschön! :)

Facebook said...

Steffi S.: "Hach, du!! deine Sachen sind soo wunderschöön!! ♥"

Unbemerkt: "super. gefällt mir - auch als "non fashion victim"."

Klaus C.: "ja, mach uns nur fertig;-)"