Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Hunger Games: Finished illustration Nr.1

Last Semeser I did 4 illustrations of the First book of the triology "The Hunger Games". I mostly drew Katniss for some weird reason... I tried to draw things that i have trouble with like scenes in the dark and underwater, but this first one is just the scene when Katniss and Prim harvest all those dandelions (i know the don't look like dandelions but i wanted to give them a kind of futuristic look.) It was really weird to draw them so skinny, because they hadn't eaten in a long time. Oh and I think I drew both of them a bit too old.

I guess I will never do the technique again, which i used here, but it was interesting to play around with it.



Mika said...

I simply love it, it's so beautiful ö.ö
Prim is so cute =)

Stephan said...

oh meine Mama kann prima Löwenzahnhonig kochen. Seeeehr lecker :) Hast du großartig illustriert.

unbemerkt said...

wow, das haut mich weg, die illus sind grossartig geworden, finde ich! richtig klasse, maike!

Ishara. said...

Lovely. They look exactly like I imagined them. ·3·